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The Importance of Being Ernest, Ice-Creams and Polly Pocket ... - The Pondok Gang

clannoireJun. 24th, 2005 09:19 pm The Importance of Being Ernest, Ice-Creams and Polly Pocket ...

Today was quite an eventful day -- three different sets of people set out with three different agendas for the day, ending up with all of us going out to accomplish each others' programs. =)

pravoxian wanted the whole Gang to gather for lunch at Mamak Bistro since he was back from MMU for the weekend, while aevuela wanted to audition for her college's latest stage production, "The Importance of Being Ernest". alleycatz, eve_night and I had originally planned to gather at mystokal's house (as we promised we would!) to play with her old Polly Pockets toys (wich we haven't seen since we were wee six/seven-year-olds ... yes, I am aware I am ten years older now and shouldn't be playing with dolls, but this is Old Skool Polly Pocket, yo! o_O).

How did we accomplish ALL of that? =D
With the spectacular power of the Pondok Gang, of course!

Grace called this morning explaining her problem -- she wanted to join us for our little lunching, but she was worried she mightn't make it for the audition -- plus, she hadn't any transportation to get to Taylor's SS15, where the auditions were being held. However, several phonecalls later, we remedied everything -- except for the teeny fact that Grace didn't have much faith in her acting skills.

"No matter!" I said, "the Pondok Gang will pep talk you into auditioning. The sheer power of our support, friendship and sibuk-menyibuk-ness will bring you to realize your DREAMS, whether you want to or not!" O_o

We gathered at Mamak Bistro at around 2.00pm, arriving in Diyanah's ubercool, sleek black ... um, car (sorry, I can't remember the car's name/model. We should just call the car, 'Jim' and be done with it). Prav was already there with Hel, and his two friends from MMU, Ismail and Lina -- who are, I must admit, crazy, creative and cool enough to be dubbed honorary members of the Pondok Gang. =P
le_nadz, Deb and kari_mee joined us soon after (in that order, LOL! Justin missed his bus stop and, in effect, saw us at the Bistro and decided to join us), completing the Pondok Gang only missing nikki_wa_doko, mai_chelle and kid_1412. =) Pep-talking Grace into a passionate fervour (well, almost) we all trooped over to Taylor's College's SS15 campus to get her to participate in the auditions.

The drama team was pretty surprised to see this immense, surging crowd of barely-able-to-control-their-noise people marching into the auditorium, and even more surprised when we stated we weren't there to audition, but rather provide support as Grace's Fanclub. =P

Prav, Justin, Ismail and Lina left early to Pyramid to watch Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but needless to say Grace's audition went pretty well. =D We all agree she makes a darn good Cecily -- I mean, the role was made for her, dammit! And if she doesn't get the part, we'll BURN DOWN ALL OF SS15! MUAHAHAHAH! ... and probably roast marshmallows over the flames as well. =) Yum.

After the gruelling audition process, what was left of Grace's Fanclub stopped by McDonalds to ice-cream ourselves, before driving over to Deb's house to ... um, playwithPollyPocket. O_o

FINE, I confess, it was FUN playing with those itty bitty toys-from-our-chilhood! I mean, the new Polly Pocket can't COMPARE to the old skool versions -- they're so ingenious and cute and awesome. And I have to add how much I ENVY Deb for keeping her Polly Pockets safely while I gave away/lost/destroyed mine. =P

Diyanah sent us home at around 6.30pm, and by then it was almost dark. Terrifically fun day -- I wish we could live it out all over again. I just know I won't have lovely days like this once university starts! O_o

I'd like to take this oppoturnity to thank p4nda_chan, for being Official Photographer for the day. ;D You can take a look at the photos at my Fotopages. =D

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Date:June 24th, 2005 02:14 pm (UTC)
We MUST do this again sometime!!!
Date:June 24th, 2005 02:26 pm (UTC)
HEWL YWEAH! With more people! =P
Date:June 24th, 2005 03:54 pm (UTC)
I had a Polly Pocket once, and there was a fairy and a small (plastic) waterfall. Too bad I forgot to take it out when my mom sold the car. IT WAS MY ONLY POLLY POCKET!! =(

You guys sure had tonnes of fun! *envies* I miss the Pondok Gang!!

Too bad I was down with a fever just now!
Date:June 25th, 2005 09:09 am (UTC)
Jim? My car's name is Jim???
It's a Toyota Wish for heaven's sake! W-I-S-H
That's its real name and don't you forget it.

Anywaaay, it was fun, wasn't it?
Date:June 28th, 2005 03:04 pm (UTC)
And so I continue to an exile of Pondok gang.....
No wonder I've no programmes on weekends.....you all have forgotten me =P